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i-team North America

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i-team® North America – This company is a partnership between CPI and i-teamGlobal, which provides sales and support throughout North America and Mexico. The team of cleaning industry professionals is second to none with successful proven experience in the cleaning industry. Client support, facility analysis, product innovation and 4D system training all come standard when you partner with our team. Together we are Better!
Creative Products International, Inc. (CPI) – Dating back more than 20 years, CPI has been the innovator of looped microfiber mops. CPI’s owner Dave Maurer and CPI’s European partnerships have developed the creative 4D Cleaning SystemsTM you see in the industry today. Innovation continues to be at the forefront of CPI’s microfiber products being manufactured with many new patented products being released over the past several years. CPI believes that quality products will always cost the end-user less by lasting longer, being safer and making the work seem effortless through innovative design. Many of the company’s trade secrets in manufacturing have resulted in better fibers and healthier facilities for everyone.
i-teamGlobal – This company is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning equipment with plants in Eindhoven Netherlands and Dongguan China. Advanced technology is at the forefront of the i-team approach to changing the way people provide healthy living spaces with 4D Cleaning. The group of engineers, marketing professional, advanced artificial intelligence applications all make i-team a great company for producing the best products. The i-mop is just one of many ‘game-changing’ products that has revolutionized a stagnant cleaning category.
Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you and our 4D Cleaning® Systems.

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