Let Us Show You "Howie" Clean In 5D.

Celebrity Howie Mandel teams up with ISSA® to discuss cleaning in Hotels, Restaurants and Restrooms.

Clean floors, walls, ceilings, and air. Better, greener, faster, safer.

It’s not clean unless it’s 5D Clean™.

It’s not clean unless it’s 5D Clean™.

Clean floors, walls, ceilings, and air. Better, greener, faster, safer.

Commercial Cleaning Supplies: 5D Clean™ Only from CPI



Super-absorbent i-fiber® professional microfiber mop heads clean 3X more surface area before needing to be changed.



Fully saturated, our thirstiest i-fiber® professional microfiber easily removes dirt and grime while eliminating drips and streaks.



Dry i-fiber® professional microfiber removes dust, dirt & bacteria from ceiling fixtures & crevices and keeps surfaces clean below.



i-fiber® professional microfiber traps and holds tiny particles that harbor bacteria, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe.

5D Clean™ is:

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CPI fiber texture
Innovative, intelligent microfiber – i-fiber® – from CPI features TRIO-split technology™. Used wet or dry, it collects and holds dirt, dust, and bacteria for a complete 5D Clean™ of any facility.

• Holds more cleaning solution without messy dripping.
• Attracts and removes dust, debris, and other small particles better than other cloths or dusters.
• Removes 99.9% of bacteria with no cleaning solution!
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CPI buckets on housekeeping cart
Janitorial Supplies
Made to work with i-fiber® mop heads, pads, and dusters to make 5D Clean™ even easier, CPI-designed handles, frames, buckets, and carts work seamlessly together to make tasks more efficient and productive.

• No-touch pad and head release systems
• Clean horizontal and vertical surfaces with one tool
• Color-coded grips to reduce cross-contamination
• Durable, lightweight construction
• All-in-one cleaning systems
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