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Complete Finish Application System
Complete Finish Application System
The CPI Finish Application System is a heavy duty sealing bucket (like our current PTBUCKET) that includes two different 24” microfiber pocket mops, a 24” ePocket® frame, mop flat press, heavy duty casters (like the DUO bucket) and sealing lid. The bucket allows the user to seal the bucket with...
The PTBUCKET - PreTreat Bucket
Our Pre-Treated buckets are a 6 gallon bucket with a snap on lid to ensure a water tight seal. They will house 25 18" mops and can be fitted with wheels on the bottom if desired. They come in 4 different colors and have a easy carry handle. The PreTreat...
The PTMINI - MINI PreTreat Bucket
Our Pre-Treated Mini bucket is a 3.5-gallon bucket with a snap-on lid to ensure a water-tight seal. They will house 25 9" pads or 50 Microfiber Cloths. They come in 4 different colors and have an easy carry handle. The PreTreat MINI Bucket How to Pre-Treat Download The Buckets Literature
The DUO Divided Bucket
The DUO divided bucket is our 9.5 gallon split mop bucket. It has two compartments consisting of a 5 gallon rinse water section in the rear and a 4.5 gallon compartment for solution in the front. This allows the mop to release the majority of dirt and debris in the...
CPI Measuring Bucket
The CPI measuring  bucket (ANTA125) is our proprietary measuring bucket used for Pre-Treating Microfiber Cloths, pads and mops. There's a waterproof decal indicating lines on the inside to help measure the correct amount of solution needed for treatment. Available in four colors. The CPI Measuring Bucket (ANTA125) How to Pre-Treat Download The Buckets...

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