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Sold by the Case-Pack S400 Air Disinfection Unit

S400 Air Disinfection Unit

Internet Price.

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CPI S400

Patented UVC technology, made in the USA!

The S400 Air Disinfection Unit uses patented UVC technology and is a bio-aerosol full room size laboratory validated to kill pathogens, reduce particulates, removes mold, odor, and VOC's in a standard 800 cubic-foot room in 2-5 minutes. No airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, and no negative or positive air pressure interference. On-Board Digital screen reporting: 1) HEPA filter/air flow integrity (0.3 um) pre-filter 2) Carbon final filtration integrity 3) UV-C 253.7nm (36W) light intensity, non-ozone with 99.9995% UVC pathogen kill rate 4) Processed 400 CFM air volume. Constructed of high-grade steel, antimicrobial white powder coating with aluminum wheelbase. 42-64 decibels certifications with variable speed fan. 37"H x 22" round, 62 lbs. 110-120v standard outlet, 1.6 amp.

The S400 has an on-Board Digital monitor of:

  1. HEPA filter intake
  2. Carbon exhaust filter
  3. UV-C non-ozone light with 99.9995% pathogen kill rate

Variable-speed fan up to 400 cfm. Metal construction, mobile 22” round on 5 medical casters. Takes less energy than a ceiling fan.

Download Support Documentation

S400 Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation

S400 Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet 

S400 Brochure

S400 Brochure

S400 Key Components

S400 Key Components

Click here to see S400 TEST DATA Literature

Air DisinfectionS400

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