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Sold by the Case-Pack Compact Cleaning Cart

Compact Cleaning Cart

Internet Price.

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Transport all your cleaning products & equipment on one cart, so you can service multiple areas without having to go back and replenish. You can store your i-mop, extra tanks, battery charger, microfibre and more on this flexible & sturdy cart. Expand your horizons. Now you can easily move your equipment around difficult and obstructed areas such as bungalow parks, hotel floors, festival grounds, uneven surfaces, rocky terrain, and any small confined location.

  • Add a garbage/linen bag
    Order longer handles and add a garbage or linen bag.
  • i-light support structure
  • Onboard charger
  • Multiple cleaning tasks
    Load up your i-mop, microfiber cloths & mops, chemicals, tanks and batteries on this i-land S.
  • Reduce travel time
    By consolidating all your cleaning tools into the i-land you reduce traveling time back to the storage.
  • Extended load-on dock
    Add an extended load-on dock and attach an i-mop with ease. The extension has an extra set of wheels which makes it easy to transport and you don’t need to tip your i-land S Pro to load your i-mop.

Download The Compact Cleaning Cart Literature

compact cart literature

carti-mopiLANDiLAND Simopimop cartjanitor cart

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