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Jennifer started her career with Spartan chemicals managing the Western region of Illinois. She achieved many sales goals during her tenure with Spartan Chemicals, one of them being First Women to win the TOP ten trip in Spartan Chemical history.

In the early 2000 Jennifer moved to Florida and started a Manufacturers Rep group. Jennifer managed and grew 11 lines covering the state of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. One of the successes with this Rep Group came with Creative Products International line. She landed the Sarasota County schools system, that year Sarasota County purchased $450,000 dollars’ worth of CPI microfiber mopping systems.

In 2010 she embarked on an another challenge of learning laundry and ware wash chemistry. While with Sunburst Chemicals Jennifer grew her territory to over 1 million in sales in three years. She developed and managed the implementation of a multi-million dollar Government program. She oversaw and coordinated a team that surveyed and installed 123 locations nationwide.

Accomplishments of growing business sales in new markets has led to many awards and accolades over the last 20 years on the Jan San industry.

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