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Prepare - Protect - Prevent - Control

Infection Prevention banner

With the proper training, our 4D Cleaning Systems® can prevent and decrease the spread of germs, dust, and debris in your environment. Our team of experts can advise and support your efforts to break the cycle of contamination. Contact Us Today to learn how.

Infection Prevention Information

Know the facts about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and help stop the spread of rumors.

Our team of experts are continuing to compile information, and specific cleaning tools to help combat this unusual world-wide crisis. Continue to check back as we continue to maintain and update information on Infection Prevention.

What's inside the Infection Prevention Info Pack...

  • What is Coronavirus and COVID-19?
  • What are the symptoms & how does it spreads?
  • How can we help clean & disinfect better?
  • What is microfiber & TRIO-Split Technology
  • Benefits of monitoring your results
  • Why i-fiber® 4D Cleaning Systems?
  • Why Is i-fiber® Microfiber Better?
  • Innovation Centers - Michigan USA & Eindhoven The Netherlands

Download the Infection
Prevention Information Literature

Infection Prevention Disinfecting Kit

Our Pre-Treated, microfiber kit is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting just about any area. Pick up germs and soil better than any other product with our patented system of products and TRIO Split Technology i-fiber®. Use the powerful built-in eTROWEL blacklight to check your work for germs that may have been left behind. PreTreat our intelligent i-fiber® products to disinfect and kill germs on all types of surfaces.

This collection of cleaning tools has proven results in HealthCare, Education, Commercial Contract Cleaning and more. This unique assortment of products has been assembled specifically for one worker to quickly disinfect just about anywhere on anything.

What's Included In The Kit

4D Cleaning Systems in HealthCare

Helpful Links

Protect Yourself   The CDC ~ "How To Protect Yourself"

healthcare   The CDC ~ "COVID-19 In Healthcare"

FAQ   The CDC ~ "COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions"

COVID-19   Dynamic Tracking of COVID-19

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