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A Michigan native with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (along with minor statistical analysis) from Western Michigan University. Dave turned his senior engineering project into his first company, where he raised capital for producing an injection molded laundry organizer. Dave’s official career started while working at a nuclear plant in Michigan.

Dave went on to work for ABB-Intel, a nuclear consulting company. He was the primary engineer for setting up maintenance and cleaning programs for the ‘check valves’ in nuclear plants. After ABB, he went on to work for ServiceMaster outside of Chicago.

Dave was the head engineer of cleaning equipment. It was there he developed the system approach to designing with process enhancement in mind. After seven years, Dave went to work for a start-up company from Italy called USFLOOR. Working with a great sales partner, he developed the US distribution for Italian floor scrubbers and other cleaning products from Frank van de Ven’s i-vac company. After a two-year successful launch, the Italian company and US start-up were sold to IPC.

Dave then went on to work for Windsor Industries as the International Sales and Engineering manager for Europe & Asia. In two years the team developed new products for these markets and sales multiplied five times. After Windsor was sold to an equity company, Dave then worked at Geerpres, Inc. as the VP of Sales & Marketing where he developed new brands of selling through OEM partnerships worldwide. These brands along with a new distribution marketing strategy, added thirty percent growth to the company. After getting married, Dave started his own company based on a new microfiber cleaning system.

Creative Products International, Inc. (CPI) was built on product innovation and select partners. The partners ranged from Industrial Laundries, Hospital Groups, School Districts, Contractors to Hospitality. These partners have led to CPI becoming known as the industry leader in microfiber products and cleaning systems. A key element in securing quality manufacturing overseas has been using long-term manufacturer relationships to continue to improve quality and production processes.

Dave’s philosophy, he has learned throughout his professional career is built on five key elements. Innovate – without innovation you are just a commodity – it does not stop Trust – this is built while taking care of your clients and the support team – it is the most important Quality – it is important for long term relationships and building client intimacy – they believe in you Health – show your clients how you can make their environment a healthier place – everyone wins People – the people make it all happen at all levels – Together WE are better! Dave believes that ‘You may be strong in one of these, but you must live them all’. This means putting a strong team together is key to a successful business. Dave holds numerous U.S. and worldwide patents in the cleaning sectors for innovation and has built championship support teams.

Dave enjoys being outdoors and resides in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Karmen of 14 years and their three boys Jackson, Nolan & Ethan.

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