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I relocated from New York to Oxford England when I was 10 years old and spent 18 years there before moving back to the states.

In the UK I studied music and got a degree in professional musicianship from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. After studying I went on to lecture there on songwriting techniques and vocal strategies while touring the world with my band. In 2009/10 I was lucky enough to play 28 different countries. In 2010 I started in the Jan San industry becoming the Product Specialist with Premiere Products in England. Here I focused mainly on our eco-friendly line of products EcoForce, helping to transform a newly developed product into the company’s fastest growing range. After success in the UK with EcoForce, Premiere then decided to take on CPI distribution for the UK and Europe.

I then became the Product Specialist for the CPI product line and helped to train our sales people, as well as, educate our end users. CPI products have now replaced European leader Vileda as Premiere's flagship microfiber line. We had great success with facility management companies such as Keir, putting CPI in more than 30 of their establishments as well as some great successes in Education.

In 2013 I took the position as Director of Training for CPI, helping to boost sales via training and educating everyone from our reps to our end users. I am stationed only a couple hours from our Headquarters in Chicago and continue to help grow our company throughout the mid-west and all through US. I’ve worked and continue to work closely with our Distributors and Distributor Sales reps to help support them in any way possible.

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